Enjoy The Perfect Motorcycle Trip In India


There are a few experiences that stay in your mind for a really long time and riding a motorbike around the length and breadth of a country as breath-taking as India would be one that would perhaps top the list. If you are planning a motorcycle trip around India, then you are in luck, because these days, motorcycles have become ‘all the fad’ in the country and there are several places where you can not only purchase the finest motorcycles around, but also rent them.

If you truly are planning a motorcycle trip, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. For starters, make sure that you have a valid license, which allows you to drive in all the states of India. Without a license, there is quite the chance that you could get into trouble with the law. In case you are stopped by the authorities anywhere on your route, a license will be our failsafe.

It is important to understand that touring motorbikes are slightly different than the bikes that you would use within city limits. The motorbikes that are used for cross country rides are sturdier and heavier, because they need to cover different types of terrains. Normally, the wheels on such bikes are broader, offering a better grip on the road. In certain bikes, even the fuel tanks are of greater capacity, allowing you to cover larger distances in one go.

Just as important is the actual condition of the bike itself – if the bike has not been maintained properly, there is no way that it could travel such great distances. In case your own bike is not in that great a condition, there is always the option of motorcycle rental in India. As a matter of fact, there are several people who choose the rental bike over their own, because they can get their hands on better bikes. These bikes will be really well maintained and will offer you true value for the money that you spend.

However, do make sure that the bike you are getting for yourself is from a reputed and reliable dealer. The dealer should be able to give you all the necessary paperwork, including a copy of the registration, which you will need to keep with you at all times. In addition, the dealer should also be able to provide you with information that the bike has been rented and for what period.


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